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Brief Introduction of Sainamaina Municipality

Sainamaina Municipality is one the newly founded municipality in 2014 AD. The total area of Sainamaina Municipality is 162.18 km2 and holds 55822 populations. Sainamaina Municipality population density is 344.2 people per square kilometer as of 2068 census It is based on long-term tourism generation and prosperity with friendly environment. It lies in Lumbini Zone which is 15 km apart from Lord Gautam Buddha’s birth place. It is surrounded by Butwal Sub Metropolitican City in east, Badganga Municipality and Kapilvastu Municipality in west, Sitganga Municipality, Argakhanchi , Rainadevi Chhara and Tinau Rural Municipality in north and Suddhodhan, Kanchan, Gaidhawaha Rural Municipality in south . Sainamaina Municipality consist of 11 wards which is formed by combination of Parroraha, Dudhrachya and Saljhandi VDCs. . This municipality is jewelry of various religious, cultural and archeological sites; Bolbamdham, Malmala Chauraha Baba, Malmala Mandir, Bolbum Tourism Park, various monastery buildings, Rani kuwa, Ranibagiya, Raja Kuwa etc.